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Who will attend?

Participants in the NORDIWA conferences are water professionals – students, experts, specialists and practitioners. NORDIWA is a unique meeting place for utility staff, city planners, researchers, engineers and others with an interest in wastewater management and climate change adaptation in the Nordic region.

About Aarhus

• Denmark’s second largest city – the capital of Jutland and European Capital of Culture 2017.
• Mentioned in World Energy Outlook 2016 for leading wastewater treatment plant Marselisborg Renseanlæg, a WWTP that demonstrates the ability of the water sector to become energy neutral.
• Renowned for outstanding integrated solutions, where water management and opening of Aarhus River to the public contributes to urban liveability.
• A vibrant mix of youthful energy and a blast from the past, selected as a Top Destination – Best in Europe 2016 by Lonely Planet.
• Praised by visitors including Tripadvisor for the city’s atmosphere world-class museums including AROS – Museum of modern art, The Old Town and Moesgaard – museum of ancient history.

We look forward to welcoming all of you to Aarhus for the Nordic Wastewater Conference 2017. In Aarhus we view water as a resource that supports our efforts to create a greener and bluer city – a city with plenty of opportunities for healthy activities in everyday life. Liveability, open spaces, recreational areas and landscapes within reach are indispensable elements of our efforts to adapt Aarhus to climatic change.
Mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard
Aarhus Vand aims to be among the most advanced water companies in our region. Visitors get a chance to see that for themselves on technical tours at NORDIWA for instance when going to Marselisborg Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is in fact a power station setting new technological and operational standards for energy production from wastewater. Visitors can also experience the results when taking a walk along Aarhus River, open to the public thanks to improved water quality.
CEO of Aarhus Vand, Lars Schrøder
It is time to influence political leadership and consider the whole picture. The challenge of emerging substances cannot only be solved with end of pipe solutions. Focus on producers’ responsibility is needed. Like solid waste it is now time for dissol- ved waste to place responsibility, where changes can be made. If we want green pharmacy and eco design we should reward it by making it long-term profitable. I hope the conference in Aarhus will contribute to a more proactive approach here.
CEO of Svenskt Vatten, Anna Linusson
Sharing knowledge among the Nordic countries has taken place at NORDIWA conferences since 1989. Learning from advanced water companies with high ambitions and standards gives us all an opportunity to improve our solutions for the benefit of utilities and communities. This will help us all take water management to the next level and develop world-class solutions in the Nordic region.
CEO of DANVA, Carl-Emil Larsen

Hotels and Tourism
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Conference Venue
The conference will be held at the four-star hotel Comwell Aarhus, close to the city centre and central station.
Conference dinner will be held at Centralværkstedet, former train workshop, praised for its atmosphere and wonderful food.