Poster presentations

Poster exhibition – knowledge sharing and dialogue
The poster sessions will take place at “Centralværkstedet” at 11. October, and they all 61 posters will be presented on roll-ups placed in 12 different  thematic groups after session title. All posters and presentations will be in English.

The sessions contain both poster presentations and poster only. If a poster is listed in the program as poster only, it means that there will be no presentation of the project in the beginning of the session, but all can be found in the session thematic group, and poster holders will be present, at the poster after the presentations. As a participant you then have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with project findings for both poster presentations and for poster only.

This year we also recommend the poster holders to have their picture on the poster, so it will be easier for interested parties to learn more about the projects, even when the sessions are over.

All the posters will be located in the lunch area, so all conference attendees will be able to enjoy the exhibition. We hope you will grab the opportunity as there is a lot of interesting knowledge to be found.

Poster sessions – short presentations and dialogue in groups
The poster presentations will be held from the stage in front of a seated audience, as a short pitch of 3-4 minutes per project. The dialogue will continue on the floor at the poster groups after the session and include both poster presenters and poster only holders. The venue is so big, that it is possible for several groups to discuss subjects parallel to the presentations without disturbing the other sessions or groups.

The format of the poster sessions are based on the principle of Open Space Technology, also known as the law of the two feet. Knowledge sharing is enhanced by interest, and we expect you to engage in dialogue and also share your own experiences in relation to the subject presented on the poster.
When participating if you at some point feel that you neither learn nor contribute to the dialogue, use your two feet to move on to another poster or another subject – there is plenty to choose from.

More information in the program here
Information to poster holders here