Updated programme and last minute information

The conference is rapidly approaching and we are looking forward to a recordbreaking total of 450 participants in Aarhus next week. To ensure you an overview of all the exiting sessions, workshops and events, we have an updated programme available

The organizers have worked hard to provide the settings for you to have an excellent conference – we hope you will enjoy it.

All the participants have recieved last minute information by mail – if you somehow have missed it, click here

Programme click here


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Ideas on future stormwater management ?

Do you have opinions on these two questions?

“What is missing to create streamlined sustainable stormwater management?”

“How can utilities, municipalities, manufacturers and universities contribute to streamlining stormwater management in the future?”

If yes – you must  participate in our Specialist workshop on sustainable stormwater management in the future organised by the Technical University of Denmark, DTU.

How do we create a more uniform stormwater management, which takes data, tools, pollutants and legislation into account and also works for the industry, municipalities, utilities and universities?

The workshop will be kicked off by presentations from industry, universities and utilities, addressing some of the problems seen today with stormwater management.

The presentations will be followed by an open discussion and debate.

This workshop presents a possibility to contribute to the discussion and listen to opinions and ideas from others about the future of sustainable stormwater management.

Come join us

Learn more here

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Want to find a lift going to NORDIWA 2017?

Or do you just need to get in touch with someone else going to the conference?

The organizers have this year chosen, to offer a facebook group for extended dialogue before the conference start. A meeting point for participants only. We hope that you will use this opportunity to make appointments on joint transportation, carpooling etc.

After all, we’re all working with sustainable solutions – why not also in the matter of getting to and from the conference? Looking forward to lots of activity on the page – click here jo join.

Please respect that the page is “non-comercial only”.

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Two exiting workshops: Innovation and the workforce of tomorrow

Wish to secure the future workforce?

The future is not only about securing sustainable solutions, but also a matter of  making sure that our workforce is up for the task,

Meet the workforce of tomorrow at this workshop, and take part in discussions about how we meet the demands of the future and at the same time secure todays knowledge for even better solutions.

Click here to learn more

Looking forward to learn more about Nordic innovation?

Join this workshop if you would like to share ideas on how we can work together for an even more innovative approach to meet current and future challenges.

Research and innovation is needed to secure that the water sector is moving forward. The progress and future efforts concerning R&D in the Nordic countries will be discussed with focus on what is needed to improve the innovation process within the water sector.

Learn more from the programme here



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Poster sessions in great surroundings – looking forward to oct. 10’th

We now have news about the poster sessions – we are happy to share more than 60 posters within various interesting subjects. We plan to present a firework of posters all presented at Centralværkstedet where we will also have lunch. Be prepared to engage in dialogue with all your nordic colleagues.

Read more about the posters here




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NORDIWA 2017 – Program is online and Aarhus is waiting for your visit

An updated programme for NORDIWA 2017 is now ready on our webpage. Take a look at the updated programme here

Within the three conference topics:

  1. New approaches to Wastewater treatment – Plants, Processes and Circular Economy
  2. Sewer systems – models, management and integrated approaches
  3. Adapting to consequences of a changing climate

The final programme is live with all presenters for:

  • 22 conference sessions, each with four interesting, technical presentations.
  • 16 Workshops with short introductions and plenty of time to discuss with other conference participants
  • 12 Poster sessions that provides a quick overview of some of the newest solutions within the water sector.

Among the large number of inputs there will  be opportunities to learn about experiences within handling micro plast and  micropollutants in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

We have a session on phosphorus recovery and a workshop on the same topic giving room for both in-depth presentations and discussion of the issues. There will also be sessions on topics like hydraulic modelling of sewage systems and decision support tools as well as a workshop on weather forecasts and warning systems.

Within climate change adaptation we will focus on governance and cooperation models, but we will also present plenty of good solutions related to flooding, handling […]

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Marselisborg ReWater – Danish solution with global perspectives

Lise Hughes, Team Leader at Aarhus Vand presents newest solutions and perspectives from a treatment Plant in Aarhus in an IWA – International Water Association blogpost with the title ”Shaping the future of resource recovery in Aarhus, Denmark”

Around the world, wastewater treatment plants work to develop solutions they transition to being engines of the circular economy, where energy, nutrients and other valuable resources can be recovered, but few other countries have come as far as Denmark in this field. The story from Aarhus Vand is an exciting example of this. At the plant in Marselisborg the new development gives an opportunity not only to reuse water, but also to accelerate innovation as a driver of increased efficiency and sustainability in the sector.

In Aarhus, the Marselisborg wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) has demonstrated that energy positive wastewater treatment is possible – reaching an energy efficiency rate of 153%. The benefits, and opportunities, ahead are so great that a planned new plant will be named a resource plant– Marselisborg ReWater.

Innovation and research are necessary elements in the circular economy
Aarhus Vand knows that constructing the world’s most efficient WWTP cannot be achieved using today’s technologies and solutions. This is why an important element in […]

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Technical Tours – exiting experiences on your way home

Three days that are loaded with sessions and workshops end with an opportunity to experience implementation of some of the interesting solutions on your way home. We organise four visits. As a bonus there will be transport to nearby airports if you choose the tours to Aalborg or Billund.

1. Climate change tour to Aarhus: We will look at two different examples of sustainable climate solutions.One is in Lystrup, a suburb to Aarhus. It has experiences significant flooding in recent years. One is in the districcts Risvangen og Vorrevangen, where alle rainwater is managed on the surface through differenc sustainable urban drainage system-solutions. More information here.

2. Aalborg WWTP East: We will look at various energy projects implemented on the treatment plant with to improve energy efficiency.

3. Billund Bio Refinery: Technologies that combine advanced wastewater treatment with recovery of energy and nutrients are presented. More information here.

4. Marselisborg Treatment Plant: Innovative eksemples of energy efficiency at a plant that reached 168% energy efficiency while recovery of phosphorus takes place. Read more here.

More information about the technical tours and the programme in general here.

Learn more at NORDIWA 2017 i Aarhus – Remember Early Bird registration deadline 31. august 2017

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NORDIWA 2017 – All set for keynotes

The introductory keynote speakers will focus on the latest development in the water sector – in Denmark, in the Nordic Countries and globally. We do so starting from the challenges that we are now facing, the solutions we are developing and with a perspective to actions that we can take jointly. Speakers are:

  • Carl-Emil Larsen, Direktør, DANVA: Welcome to NORDIWA – Drivers for innovation – The development in the water sector the last 10 years.
  • Klara Ramm, Expert of the Chamber of Commerce Polish  Waterworks: The Challenges – Involvement of the Polish water sector in the improvement of the Baltic Sea,
  • Tom Williams, International Water Association, The Solutions: IWA Activities promoting UN Sustainable Development Goals and securing clean water, adequate sanitation and sustainable cities.
  • Björn Grönholm, Head of Secretariat, Union of Baltic Cities, Sustainable Cities Commission. The Actions – Union of Baltic Cities – Cooperation to improve water management in the whole Baltic Sea region.

A good start of the day with inspiring inputs

We will also start day two, October 11, with polenary keynote speeches. They will prive us all new inspiration and ideas to bring for discussions in the sessions and workshops to come. Lars Schrøder, CEO of Aarhus Vand […]

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The NORDIWA 2017 programme is ready

With an almost overwhelming number of interesting and well-prepared proposals for presentations, workshops and sessions, the 12 hard-working programme committee members from five Nordic countries spent a concentrated day and a half at the DANVA office in Copenhagen, bringing all the pieces together for the complete conference program for NORDIWA 2017, which is now ready for download here:

Three overall themes
Wastewater treatment, drainage systems and climate adaptation were among the clear winners when it came to suggestions for presentations. These were divided into three main categories.

The conference’s three main themes are:
– New approaches to Wastewater treatment – Plants, Processes and Circular Economy.
– The need for an integrated approach to the sewage system, including management systems.
– Adapting to consequences of a changing climate.
In addition, there are several cross-cutting issues such as the Baltic Sea Region and the promotion of innovation in the Nordic region. Based on themes and suggestions, the complete programme is now available with titles of the individual sessions.

Great venue makes room for 207 presentations
The two main venues: Comwell and Centralværkstedet in Aarhus, allows us to arrange 36 sessions and workshops and 12 thematic poster sessions. In total 230 abstracts were submitted to […]

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